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What Your Customer Relationship Manager Can Learn from Jack Black’s Coffee Shop

In the real world… a customer relationship manager used to be the guy you met when you walked through the door of your local coffee shop.

He would smile, ask you how your day was going and offer you a comfortable seat… before sliding behind the counter to make a fresh pot of coffee – just for you.

You’d feel all warm and fuzzy inside because you knew this guy (the CRM) knew your name and made you feel very welcome whenever you stepped through the door of Jack Black’s coffee shop.

Bring the Coffee Shop Online and Watch Your Profits Soar

Building a profitable business online isn’t easy – if anyone tells you it is… run a mile!

But it can be profitable. In fact, it should be. If your business isn’t making money it’s most likely because your customers don’t feel as though they know, like and trust you – and as a result your sales are struggling.

People buy for a number of reasons – mostly based upon emotion. They buy because;

  • They feel envy
  • They feel anger
  • They feel excitement
  • They feel lust
  • They feel embarrassment or shame

There are other, more subtle reasons of course but in the main – it’s all about emotion.

And emotion only exists in situations where there is some kind of connection.

Think about your own situation and examine the last time you felt angry, excited, embarrassed or full of lust. Chances are you’ll have had some kind of connection to the person who brought about those feelings, right?

That’s why your online business needs to be built around relationships. Create trust and you will create sales. Build rapport and you’ll build an empire. It’s that simple!

So how is it done?

Connect, Share, Collaborate and Inspire… At The Push of a Button

There’s a saying online that the money is in the list. It’s not true of course (like lots of things). The truth is that the money is in the relationship you have with the list.

Your ‘list’ is your subscriber base – people who have given you their contact details to listen to you or learn more about your business, product or service.

They have taken a small step and given you their contact details because they believe you might be able to help them. And by providing you with their contact details they’re allowing you to be a small part of their world online.

Now you have their details it’s time to connect, build rapport, add value to their world. It’s time to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside… every time they come into contact with you.

Follow Jack’s Plan for Online Profits

Think of yourself like Jack (the coffee shop owner) and imagine you knew every day you would have the opportunity to connect with this person (your subscriber.)

What would you do? What would you say? What would you ask them? How would you develop a relationship so that you could guarantee their custom – without ever asking for it?

Chances are you would welcome them every day, use their name if you knew it and talk to them one-on-one, away from all the noise – to see if you could find some common ground and build rapport, right?

Well, that’s what a CRM will do for you when you know how to use it.

Use it badly and it will prove costly and time consuming.

Use it well and a customer relationship manager can help you connect with your target market, build strong connections with your ideal customer and generate sales at the push of a button… every time.

Take a look at the CRM I use here: