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Why not focus on the Features?

Well because that’s what everybody seems to do…

So much time and energy is spent with marketers and companies trying to explain the details and features of there product.

  • It was made by ______________ doctor or scientist.
  • It’s a multifaceted, dual technology blank.
  • It’s a multi-tiered, deluxe compensation plan.
  • It’s a revolutionary…

You’ve heard it all before right? Now some of those things are pretty cool and grab your attention. But what do you and your audience truly care about?

What’s in it for me?

They care about the bottom line…if they do this what benefits will they get? What is in it for them?

See when your shift your focus to the benefits vs the features, you start to truly connect and reach the audience.

They just want to know how your product or opportunity will make there life better.

Now I’m not saying just ignore the features completely but your initial focus should be on the benefits.

Keep it Simple!

So what are the biggest benefits your offer?

Start leading with those and see how your results will change.

Was that helpful? Feel free to share and I’d love to hear what benefits you lead with? Hope this helps you get the results you want.

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