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Andrew Herriford

Something With Andy

This is My Story

Hi there. I’m Andrew Herriford, but you can call me Andy. I first want to thank you for taking your most valued asset, your time, to stop by and absorb some of the useful information that I share with business owners and entrepreneurs literally all around the world.

I’m sure you stopped by this page in particular to find out who Andy really is… Right? Well, you’re in the right place…
One of the most important things to me is my family. I’m married to my gorgeous wife of (length of time) years, Bianca. Together we’ve created a joyous little crew of never ending energy. Ben, Jane, and Quinn. They definitely keep us going. As a family we’re addicted to the adventure life.We love things like going to the zoo, shooting off on random road trips, and taking Disneyland by storm…
A bit about me professionally is that I’m a Senior enlisted leader in the navy. I’d go deeper into it, but you don’t really want to read all that stuff. I do however love everything geek! Especially taking something that’s totally complex to many others and breaking it own into it’s simplest form. I absolutely get a kick out of seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they say, “Wow. That’s it? Really?” after I’ve totally unravelled what seems like a rubics cube of a technical issue. It doesn’t matter if that’s dealing with creating websites, graphic designs, or developing mobile apps…
Here’s a little snippet of how I’ve come to love the profession of marketing.
It wasn’t until after the birth of my first child that Bianca and I realized that we needed to find a way to supplement our incomes. At the time, Bianca had become a full time stay at home mom to raise (oldest child), because I had come to totally dislike her previous profession. So I did some searching and discovered a way to make some additional income. I decided to get involved with a health and wellness company. I eventually switched to a financial company, but when we moved to Florida, where we no longer had close access to our team and support, I was forced to learn a new way to market. Thus the birth of my online marketing career. I began investing into numerous courses, and attending events. I even began making websites and videos. By the way, I was in no way comfortable being in front of a recording lens at the time.
Fast forward a few years…. Along that journey came many bumps and bruises. As a matter of fact, I forgot to mention to you that like many others, I failed miserably in my first business because I didn’t stick to the basics of what was working for other’s businesses, nor did I establish a sound foundation. That wasn’t the end of me though. Soon I discovered that I in fact did have value when I sold my first website, took on my first coaching client, created my very first product, and even got my first passive commission from a video I had created 2 years prior.
I’m not one to brag, so I won’t create an entire page of all I’ve accomplished. However I will share a few of the achievements I’m certainly proud of. One is having the opportunity to speak and train onstage at a major company event to a crowd of hundreds of (fill in the blank…business owners/entrepreneur/technical advisors..) and the second being receiving and MLSP award onstage for rank advancement because I’d shared necessary tools with other business owners to help them learn how to build a successful business.
I’d keep going on but you didn’t visit this site to read my auto-biography. I designed this site for the purpose of helping professionals of all sorts like yourself discover how to improve your results. So, for more valuable information to help do exactly this, be sure to take a second RIGHT NOW to sign up for my FREE membership site. (insert here either/or    “I’d spill the beans of what kind of value you”ll find, but I want you to see for yourself.” or There you will find content that will show you how to A, B, C and much more)